Thursday, March 1, 2012

Alphabitty Moments - The Letter J is for...


We were gifted a deluxe version of this wonderful Bible by my friend Tina and have used it as our main children's Bible ever since. This winter Julia took an extra interest in it and has been listening to the audio version at bedtime for months. She can mouth the words right along with David Suchet. It is so special to curl up in bed with her and watch her point out the details of the stories she sees in the illustrations (which are beautiful by the way)

Some day she'll graduate to a more advanced version of the Bible but this version will always hold a special place in my heart as the one that brought God's words for His people to life. The one that whispers the name of our rescuer in every story.

This is how she sets up the book so she can follow along.

Hours later when I go in to kiss her one last time before I go to bed I often find her sound asleep with her face on the pages. These are the moments I don't want to forget!

What Alphabitty Moment do you want to remember this week?

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  1. We love our Jesus Storybook Bible too!! Just wanted to let you know that we recently discovered the Gospel Story Bible. There's one story per page spread, but there are more than 150 stories. The pictures are really nice (one reason I love JSB) and the stories is for kids who are a bit older. But we really like it as well :) Our JSB is falling apart from so much love!


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