Wednesday, February 29, 2012

snow day

The alert for a two hour delay came in around 6:30 this morning. I went out to unlock the gate, not really sure i would be able to with all the rain the night before. It was so peaceful with all the park roads still covered in snow....undisturbed and pristine. I came back inside to find another email alert telling me that school was closed for the day. Phew! I really wasn't looking forward to venturing out. As i nursed Elsa in her room i could hear the creaking sound of her door opening. It was PapaBear coming to tell me that the power was out. Great.

We have a well so no power means no water and no flushing the toilet.
We have radiator heat that has some electrical components so no heat.
We have an electric stove so no cooking.

We were probably going to need to find a place to go for the night just in case all the down trees kept the power company busy for the whole day.

We were outside playing in the snow by 7:20 and sopping wet by 7:40. The three inches of rain we got last night might have had something to do with that. PapaBear and sam made forts while julia and i focused on snowball production. Elsa was content keep me company in the protection of our spruce trees. Speaking of spruce trees....the branches that the kids are standing between will have to be cut down as they broke. It makes me sad because that's the branch i want to hang our new swing from.

After some stories under a pile of blankets we decided it was going to get too cold to stay home much longer so we called Grandma and Grandpa to see if we could stay with them. We stuck a huge pot of snow in the fridge to help keep things cold and headed out. We had to let the kids outside clothes dry before we could go back outside but once it did we did some sledding snow oarding and dam buildong with the waterways created when Grandpa drained the huge puddles in their driveway.

They had so much fun! Boardgames dinner cartoons and dinner passed the time quickly. We heard from park staff that the power was back on around 2:30 so we decided it would be best to sleep at home. Tomorrow is a school day after all. Then again today was suppose to be as well but it turned out to be a SNOW day instead. Did you get hit by this storm? How did you spend your snow day?

(Pardon the blogging from my phone tonight)


  1. I love spending snow days with some of my favorite people in all the world. Too bad the snow was so wet because the kids clothes just got so wet. Maybe we can have another snow day soon. Love ya, Grandma

  2. We had a snow day too! Mine didn't play outside because it the snow was so very wet, and it was raining on top of it. But there was a lot of cuddling and enjoying each other. Glad your power is back on!

  3. We had that kind of heavy, wet snow in October here in New York. Everyone's trees were devastated and people lost power for up to more than a week. It was a nightmare. Some towns even canceled Halloween because there was too much debris from the trees for safe trick or treating. Canceled Halloween?? Yep. Hard to believe!! : ) I hope you're all doing well now.

    ~ Wendy

  4. No snow for us. We spent the day playing outside in short sleeves and complaining because the a/c in our house isn't working. :)


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