Thursday, February 2, 2012

Elsa Louise at 30 Weeks

Don't hate me but this week we experienced a complete 180. Elsa went from sleeping with me and eating every hour or two to:

awake every 45min- 1.5 hours but only fussed for 30 seconds before putting herself back to sleep after jabbering a bit to on January 22nd, sleeping in her crib from 7pm until she woke at 12pm but fell back asleep after a few seconds of making noise. Then she slept until 5am ate then slept with mommy until alarm woke us both right before 7am. This is huge progress and I'm happy to say that so far it isn't a fluke. She's still sleeping this well (and even better) over a week after I first started to write this update.

I'm excited to share what I believe to be the reason later this week. It involves a review of her amber teething necklace so I want to give it its own post. Stay tuned for that and a giveaway!

New in her 30th week:

* first babysitter - slept for three of the four hours but woke up happy and didn't cry for Wendy.

* napped on the 23rd for three hours in her crib.
* figured out how to put her pacifier in her mouth on her own.
* learned she's going to have a new cousin six weeks after her first birthday.

This whole thing sleeping thing could be a fluke. It could all change in an instant but so far so good! If this is the new path we are on I am so glad I can look back at those first six months of snuggling with my baby all night and know that is exactly where she belonged. She wasn't ready for her crib. I didn't force her. She did it when she was ready. I have no regrets about avoiding sleeping training at all costs.

Did I mention that Sam and Julia are already asking for another baby? Now Julia wants a baby brother
I simply remind them that Josie will have a baby brother or sister this summer and that they should be happy with the baby we already have. They just love her so much they want more! Can't say that I blame them. :)

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