Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beautiful Butterfly Snack

Julia and I share a love for creating. Yesterday I came home to find our house decorated in construction paper hearts just because she wanted to surprise me. So when I showed her this pin on Pinterest, she was so excited to make some for her preschool class.

We don't usually purchase Goldfish and we certainly never ever buy the colored ones, but they were just too perfect for butterfly wings to pass up. There is only 1/4 cup in each bag so it's not the end of the world.  

The steps are pretty self explanatory but I thought it might be helpful to share a couple of things we learned along the way as far as quantities of supplies. I have a feeling this is a snack we'll be seeing more of. Maybe with trail mix, carrots, grapes, or Chex mix in????

But this time, it's all about color.
1/2 cup of goldfish per sandwich bag is just about right. It's for a school snack, not a meal after all.

The big boxes of goldfish have ten serving (or 55 goldfish if you really want to know) which meant we were able to make 20 butterflies with 2 boxes. This was perfect for us since there are 19 kids in Julia's class and 2 teachers. One child is gluten free so we packed an apple for the teachers to cut up and put in the baggie and then attach to the clothes pin for him.

Step 1) paint the clothes pins. A sponge brush worked great - Julia did this all by herself.
Step 2) glue on the eyes
Step 3) cut pipe cleaners in half and then fold them to create antenae - another kid friendly job!
Step 4) Add 1/2 cup goldfish to baggies and seal
Step5) fold baggie in half and then carefully divide the goldfish in half

Step 6) Clip the baggie with the clothes pin and then the pipe cleaner.

Step 7) Enjoy!

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  1. Sooo cute! Someone needs to come up with a GF goldfish. we don't buy them for home use either, but they are often a snack other places and LMM is dying to have some.


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