Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For the Record

My pillow is calling my name but before I lay my weary self down for the night I am pushing onward with my resolution to put more time into writing about what's happening with the Bear Family. I get behind in my blogging and feel like I can't write about what's happening NOW until I catch up on the old stuff. Then the snowball grows and I never get anything written. Today that stops.

Today Julia discovered she has a loose tooth. I'm not surprised since she wasn't even four months old when that tooth popped through. My baby is growing up. She is SOOOOO excited and told all her friends tonight at Awanas. Speaking of Awanas...Sam started Sparks and Julia started Cubbies. They are excited to go back next week despite Sam being very nervous about tonight.

He only had good things to say about it during our snuggle time at bedtime though. That snuggle time is something that I had been missing out on since I had gotten into the habit of rushing through bedtime. Now that they are older and don't need as much from us I'd check on them before I turned in for the night and feel that tug in my heart that I should have spent more time with them that day. It wasn't a good feeling. So one of my goals for 2012 is to not rush bedtime and to make sure I am more available for night time conversations that seem to be so important to Sam especially. Julia is more interested in listening to her Jesus Storybook Bible at bedtime so she and I have our one on one time during the day.

Another goal of mine is to drink more water. It's pathetic how late in the day it is when I realize I haven't had a single glass of water yet!

I turn 35 later this month and need to take better care of myself. One small step I'm going to take is to make sure that even if I didn't put make up on that day that I will wash my face before bed. I love my Norwex anti-bac towels and will keep one available for faces only.

I'm also on the hunt for a good series of yoga workouts that are about 20 minutes long so I can add some exercise back into my life. It's not realistic to be able to do anything longer or louder than a simple yoga video.

Before 2012 is over I WILL have one year of my blog converted to a blog book if it kills me.

Those are all the goals I can think of at the moment...I'm running on fumes at this hour so you'll have to excuse my random train of thought.

Did you set any goals for this year?


  1. I rarely comment, but have to tell you I love your blog! I love the fact that you live in a park!! So fascinating to me!! Your sweet kids are just a joy to read about! I am so excited you are going to be writing more lol!

  2. I commented on my blog about yours. I felt the same way. It is fun to see your kids grow!

  3. No goals per se. I do want to keep a neater house...spend more one on one time with each kid...exersize...and a million other things. I feel overwhelmed with life. In general.


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