Friday, December 23, 2011

Elsa Louise at 25 Weeks

This week for Elsa was all about reaching, grabbing, and holding. Her favorite thing to grab is my hair unfortunately but she does enjoy grabbing a hold of toys too which makes her much more content when I put her on her boppy under her gym. I love watching her eyes take in all around her. She's been practicing her sitting and is showing great improvement. I'd be surprised if she was sitting up completely on her own by six months like her siblings, but that's because I'm not helping her practice much. Shame on me!

I wore her on my back in the Kozy Carrier for the first time yesterday and if it weren't for her pulling those little hairs at the bottom of my pony tail I'd be sold on that style of babywearing. She's got the head control for it now and is content to play with my Mommy Necklace while I'm busy in the kitchen.

Before we headed to see PapaBear's brother who flew in from Alaska today I snapped the last basket photos of the year. On the porch in December. Who would have thought it would be warm enough this long? It's gonna be 40+ on Monday!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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