Friday, December 23, 2011

Elsa Louise at 24 Weeks

This week Elsa experience the fun of picking out our Christmas tree for the first time. See how excited she was about it?

We'd considered trying a cut your own place again, but it's just so easy to go to our local wild balsam guy. And much cheaper this year too! We got our 9ft beauty for only $30!

Elsa doesn't know how lucky she is that this has been a mild winter so far. This is only one of a handful of times she's had to wear her snowsuit. I'm trying to make it as far into winter as I can without having to abandon the infant car seat so I can avoid the whole squirmy, heavy baby in a coat and since she is much more content in the carseat and can work some of her toys by herself I'm not in any hurry.

She visited another Santa this week and wasn't scared a bit (I think it helped to have these two to distract her.) I can't say that for other people though as she's still very much timid around anyone except Mommy, Daddy, Sam, & Julia.

Her sleeping at night isn't any better - she still wants to be attached to me mostof the time but she wakes up happy and sometimes even sleeps until 8am which of course makes us late for school. I hate having to wake a sleeping baby so I wait until the last possible second. Her hair continues to come in but is nowhere near as thick as her siblings at this age.

I've noticed her eyes are getting lighter in the middle but are still dark around the edges - a pretty combination if you ask me! We are approaching the six month mark - her half birthday falls on New Year's Day which is kinda fun.  Speaking of fun...all the Christmas festivities are in full force and I still don't have her stocking done. oops!

For this week's basket photo I chose the one that shows her talking because she is SUCH a chatterbox now. She loves it when we repeat the sounds she makes. She brings so much joy to our family and is more and more fun every day.

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