Friday, December 9, 2011

Elsa Louise at 22 weeks

December 1st and we're still outside for these weekly photos? Who would have thought?!?!
Our peanut is so content these days. Her growth has slowed some so she only wears 12 month clothes now - at 5 months old. I can sometimes get her in some 9 month stuff if I'm lucky. She jabbers all.the.time. and for a couple weeks now has been diving forward to give snuggles (mouth wide open). It's really sweet and keeps me on my toes! She's a chunk so her full body wiggles and lunges require a strong grip. It seems way too early for stranger anxiety but her first holiday gathering (Thanksgiving was last week) didn't go very well for her. If I held her she was fine and would interact with other people but hand her off to the many loved ones who wanted to see her and she'd stick her lip out, look back at me, and the tears would flow. Christmas should be interesting!!!

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