Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Big Guy

Sam wasn't scared in the least to sit by Santa this year and though he was shy to talk to him, he did manage to ask Santa to make him an imperial walker for Christmas.

Julia was willing to sit in the front of the sleigh with Elsa and had me ask Santa to bring her a puppy guitar. She also wanted me to ask Santa to make a blanket for Elsa. Thanks to a great garage sale find we will be able to fulfill all three wishes this year! Usually Santa brings one small toy or two for their stocking and the bigger gift comes from mom and dad. This year we're trying something new and letting the Big Guy get all the credit. I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas Day!

When I put Elsa on Santa's lap I told him it would be better if she didn't know who was holding her. I snapped this photo the moment she turned to see who exactly I'd handed her to. I love it!

I also loved this rustic wagon that was outside by the donkeys and reindeer! All my garage sales and thrift store shopping paid off this year! I paid less than $8 for each dress and coat that the kids are wearing, but my favorite part is that their outfits match. I might need a matching holiday outfit intervention.

What about you? Do you dress your kids in matching/coordinating outfits for holidays? Know of any good coupons to save on dress clothes? 


  1. You bet I do! The boys are wearing matching shirts and ties from Sears. Emma's dress doesn't match their shirts, but I got it at a garage sale for $4, I won't complain. :-)

  2. My kids are 10, 12, 13 and 14 now so they won't let me make them matchy, matchy anymore. But I SURE did!! They DO still like to coordinate and I am so blessed by that! The three oldest kids are girls and they even help me find coordinating outfits bless their hearts!! I LOVE you kids outfits!! The dresses are beautiful. I love the color!!1

  3. Beautiful! The kids all look so big! (I REALLY need to update my Google reader!!) Hope everyone is well, Merry Christmas!


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