Sunday, December 18, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 18

It's time to share those homemade ornaments folks! All this week that's what I'll be posting. They aren't all going to be one's I've made personally though. Sometimes they will be ones relatives have made for me or that the kids have made.

We made a batch of homemade ornaments for gifts this year and I had to make an extra one for our own tree because I loved them so much. I'm not going to show those though until after I've given them away later this week.  In the meantime, this ceramic moose is the one I wanted to write about tonight. I made him in 2003 when I was part of a pottery guild. I used to make wheel thrown pottery but don't have the time anymore. It's a shame because I loved it! One year I took cookie cutters into the studio and made a bunch of ornaments out of rolled out clay. The moose were my favorites.

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