Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If I had time to blog....

* I would write about how we are finally being consistent with using a chore chart and giving the kids an allowance. We've tried many things over the years but it requires so much discipline on the part of the parents that it's sad to admit that we've always let it fall by the wayside after a week or so. Not this time! We are closing in on a month of consistency.  The kids are developing good HABITS and I'm so proud of them!!! They earn $1.75 a week if they do the following every day: homework, setting/clearing the table, feeding the cats, picking up 10 things on the main floor, putting shoes away/picking up the hallway upstairs. I'm still waiting for the day they don't leave their stuff laying around in the first place but it's a start!

* I would post pictures of what Sam and Julia are interested in these days and not just photos of Elsa in her basket: Sam and a friend from school were playing ninjas for the past few weeks so lots of drawings have come home of ninja fighters. Oh joy. He's moved on though since they completed a project where they made cards for soldiers. Now it's huge, elaborate drawings of bombers, destroyers, submarines, and aircraft carriers. Julia is cranking out art projects like there's no tomorrow. I can hardly keep up with her some days! I keep saying we are going to celebrate the beginning of winter with a brand new box of crayons because the ones we have are about shot! Her favorite thing to do is play 'school' with Daddy. She asks every single day and he's so good to take the time to do it. Love him.

* I would write about how we are slowly trying to cut out more processed foods and especially refined sugars. We went two weeks with only whole foods and it was rough. The kids hated it more than we did, but I was inspired to start being more careful about what 'foods' are in our home. No more sugary granola bars!!!

* I would write about how I'm using a three ring binder to organize my weekly menu, shopping list,and coupons. I've always stunk at making a menu but I've finally found a system that works for me.  Two websites I recommend: and (All Recipes has an app called Dinner Spinner which is really really handy!!!!)

That is if I had time to blog, but since I don't....I better get off the computer!

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  1. Yay for keeping up with a chore chart!! Mine is in the works....and has been for a while now. I'm hoping to get it completed by the New Year but I'm not hopeful on that. I so wish I would be more consistent with stuff like I'm hoping a chart will help us ALL!


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