Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elsa Louise at 20 weeks

Her chubby little dimpled fingers reach for everything now, including the wisps of my hair that don't quite make it into my ponytail. ouch!  She had lots and lots to say this week which put us on the receiving end of lots of smiles from strangers who were drawn to the squawky/talky in the stroller.

She had a touch of a cold again for a couple of days but rather than keeping her up at night, it made her sleep more than usual. I'm enjoying longer stretches of sleep and since she's not eating every two hours anymore I can get quite a bit done in the mornings before she and I sit down for some quiet time together. If she eats around 6am it can be 10 before she wants to eat again which with two kids who have two different start times for school that comes in real handy!
She is all smiles when she first wakes up and will often entertain herself with her fist, thumb, or edge of her swaddle blanket for an hour before I need to go in and get her. Yet another reason I love, love, LOVE having a video monitor!!!  I keep saying I need to write a post about my favorite baby gear because eight years after the first time I purchased baby items I look at the baby aisle with a completely new perspective!  Actually, I rarely go in the baby aisles anymore. We don't buy disposables and I buy her clothes second hand so there isn't really a need, unless I'm down to one pacifier. Then I can guarantee you will find me smack dab in the baby section of Target with yet another new package of those blessed pieces of silicone and plastic in my cart!

For the record, the day after I took this photo we received our first dusting of snow. Elsa will only be five months old this Christmas but Sam and Julia are excited to share the wonder of the holiday with her and so am I!

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