Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elsa Louise at 19 Weeks

Yikes! Time is getting away from again! Elsa will be 21 weeks on Friday and I'm just getting to write about her 19th week. It was a breakthrough week for our little cub so it was easy to remember what I want to write about.
Silence. In. The. Car.
Oh my is that nice to be able to say! Sure she still cries sometimes when she's had enough of being carted around but those times are fewer and far between and it all started in her 19th week. It helps that she can reach out for the toys hanging from her carseat. She loves the noisy lady bug and I added the horse, also from Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jamey, to spice things up for her. Finally we can sit with her on our laps without having to bounce or constantly entertain her. She's so much more interested in the world around her and content either on her gym or in her Boppy. I would LOVE to hold her all day but my back can't handle the strain and even babywearing has its limits.

I do enjoy holding her for naptimes when I don't absolutely have to get something done. I have the messy house to prove it! I know how fast the time slips away - just look at how much she's changed since her first Bear Hat photos.  Before I know it she'll be wearing the Julia's purple version that Lindsay made for us!

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