Friday, November 11, 2011

Elsa Louise at 18 Weeks

Same basket but new location. I will have to remember this spot next year as it was just gorgeous the day we went to play at the other playground in our park. Elsa didn't mind the breeze one bit as you can tell from her smiles. She's jabbering more so the shot without the hat is more of a mid-jabber face, but I still love it. It's her. It's her personality shining through. It's obvious she recognizes us now. She has different grins for each of us. The ones that melt my heart the most? The smiles she gives her siblings. The flip side is that she is starting to be timid around strangers and since she spends most of her time with just our little family, she cries for pretty much everyone else. Her little lip comes out and she looks back at me to be rescued.

By the way, does the hat she's wearing look familiar?

Her new thing this week is blowing raspberries. Not that she needs to produce any.more.drool. but it's still adorable to hear her making her new noises on the changing table. The other thing I want to remember about this week is the time both PapaBear and I were sitting with her. Her eyes went back and forth, back and forth, taking us both in, marveling at the fact that we were BOTH doting on her at the same time. Don't get me wrong...she get's lots of attention, but we often tag team in order to get other things done around the house.

Autumn is fading here in BearCountry, in fact the first flakes fell yesterday (Nov 10th) but I tucked a few of these yellow leaves away for my BabyBear so we can hang on to a piece of her very first Fall.


  1. She is getting so big! Lovely pics!

  2. I want to smooch that belly. She's so sweet.

  3. Wow. 18 weeks. Carrie, that last picture of her is just stunning. I love it!


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