Sunday, October 23, 2011

What are we going to be for Halloween?

For the past couple of years I've neglected to get a decent picture of my kids in their costumes on Halloween. It's either too dark, the kids are too distracted, or I plain forget to get the camera out. I don't even have a picture of Sam in his very first Halloween costume! (He was the cutest little mouse you ever did see at 2 weeks old!) This year I wasn't going to let the fact that we are hosting the Halloween Party for our friends to get in the way of snapping a good picture of my trio so today we put costumes on with plenty of daylight to spare and got some really sweet ones of the kids all dressed up.

Rather than showing you them a week before Halloween I've come up with a little game...I will post a picture every day of some element of their costumes and have you guess what they are going to be. (NO fair guessing those of you who already know the answer!) The only hint I will give today is that there is a theme to their costumes...all our costumes to be exact but a family picture wasn't in the cards today.

My sister was too clever and figured it out right away...hopefully I was able to update this before the rest of you saw the original photo...

Do you do theme costumes for your kids?


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  2. Ella and I think you are all going to be bugs. Elsa's a bumble bee, Julia's a ladybug.


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