Friday, October 7, 2011

There's a birthday bear among us!

This little cub sitting next to BabyBear is her cousin Josie who is SIX months old today!

Happy Half Birthday sweetheart! We love you so much! We will always remember your first camping trip together and look forward to many more to come!

*Thanks to Lindsay our little cubs stayed toasty warm in their bear hats!!!


  1. All of my little munchkins did so good on the fall camping trip. The two older ones are now really into going on trail walks, climbing fallen trees and just plain having fun. The two little ones were so cute all bundled up with their cute little bear caps. We made a bunch of new memories this fall.
    Happy sixth month birthday precious one!!!!
    Love ya, Grandma Rena

  2. I can't believe she is 6 months old already...where did the time go?? This is the cutest picture of our two little bear cubs. I look forward to watching them grow up together!

  3. Oh that is so cute! I was hoping Elsa would be able to wear the bear outfit...I was afraid she might grow out of it before she ever got to use it. How fun to have cousins around.


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