Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Write - Naptime

Her eyes pop open and I don’t even try to suppress the groan. Nap time.. A time to rest. A time to recharge. A time for me to do something, anything, with two hands. Nap time is over. She squirms in the spot on the bed where I gingerly placed her a mere ten minutes earlier after I let her nurse herself to sleep. I watch her from four feet away. I hold my breath. Her head turns to the side as her thumb moves towards her mouth. Inwardly I cheer for her “Find your thumb! You can do it! That-a-girl!”

The smack smack smack sound is fast, but her breathing slows. She’s asleep again. Peaceful rest. She got there on her own.

She doesn't need my help yet I can’t pull myself away from the sight of those squishy dimpled fingers . I can hear the gurgle of her snores above the sound of the Sleep Sheep and for now she sleeps.

My arms miss her already.

Linking up with Heather thanks to this bonus naptime for Just Write.


  1. Hooray she found her thumb! Isn't it amazing how the small things become HUGE things :)


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