Sunday, October 2, 2011

Elsa Louise at 13 weeks

I didn't start out with the intent to photograph Elsa in this basket every week. In fact there are a few weeks in her first month where I didn't photograph her that way. Somewhere along the way it became a habit. It will get trickier once the weather turns because my DSLR's are broken and I've only been able to get away with my point and shoot for the past two months because of the natural light outdoors.

It's too bad our grass is brown as can be because she's so photogenic and loves to ham it up for the camera.  She's on her belly for this shot even though it looks like she's sitting up. We're nowhere near that skill at 13 weeks!  Instead she's practicing her giggles (Tuesday she let our her first real one) and her full body smiles.  The peach fuzz on her head is getting a little bit longer. It's most noticeable after a bath. She had a couple of bad nights sleeping where she wanted to nurse all.night.long. Thankfully when it was time for her first camping trip she slept just fine.  These photos were taken this afternoon after we returned from three straight days outdoors. Nature agrees with her don't you think?

1 comment:

  1. love the same pictures every month... wish I would have done that with my babies.

    so sorry to hear about your camera... mine died this winter. It was torture without a good working camera! :) Can you fix it or do you need to replace?


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