Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elsa at 14 weeks

It felt like the changes in Elsa from 13 to 14 weeks were more noticeable than in other weeks. More head control, more 'talking', a smidge more contentment when sitting by herself, wore size 1 fitted Kissaluvs for the last time on October 8th, she sucks her thumb at least once a day now (Oct 3rd was the first time she found her thumb and self soothed), way more smiles, and the drool has started to flow.

This picture of her makes me shake my head in wonder. Why? Because in her three months of life we've only ever done 'tummy time' 3-4 times. Yet here she is, holding her head up like a champ!

Yes, I know tummy time is important, but this is why it rarely happens!

She's obviously still thriving though and quickly outgrowing her basket!


  1. OMGoodness - that CHUB!! I LOVE me a fellow chubby baby...and what a blessing to have some chub with all that spit-up!! Addie did the same thing - I remember it vividly. Only she didn't have the chub to back it up :-)

  2. Just passing through.....very cute photos of Elsa. I love it!

    Love the "just write" as well. :)


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