Friday, October 14, 2011

BabyBear at 15 weeks

Every week I think she can't get any cuter and ever week she proves me wrong.

At fifteen weeks I've noticed the drool increasing and she's started blowing raspberries.  We call her Juicy Lucy. 
I've been blessed with a good night sleeper but this week she's given me a run for my money. Sure she's sleeping, but I'm not because she's decided she prefers the human pacifer all.night.long. Add to that her shift away from sucking her thumb....and her insistence at bailing out of her swaddle. *Sigh* I think we might be entering new territory as we figure out how to get her second stretch of night sleep to be as long as her 5+ hour first stretch.

I'm starting to get very curious as to what her 4 months stats are going to be. One things for sure - her feet are tiny! She wore size 0 shoes to church a couple of weeks ago and this past weekend she wore size 0 sandals for Julia's birthday party. Sam and Julia's first pair of shoes they could fit in were size 3. They never fit in the little little shoes.  I thought for sure Elsa would be in Robeez by now but she looks so silly in them because they are too big.

Speaking of big...check out this smile!

The rest of the family is smiling pretty big too as we wrap up our fourth camping season! Sunday is the LAST DAY!!!!!  We're planning to celebrate by roasting apples in our fire bowl as we wave to the very last camper that pulls out.


  1. I know missing sleep is no fun, but she has to be so fun to snuggle!!

    Liza has itty bitty feet too. It's sort of frustrating. She's 13 months now and just in a size 3, and she has a ridiculous number of hand me down shoes from her cousin, but the smallest are size 4. At least it's super warm (still hot) here, so we can get away with no shoes for a while longer!

  2. A.dorable! Love her squishiness!!!

  3. She is so cute! i could just snuggle her!!! Hannah just moved into a size 3 18 months. I'm sure she is fine! I also loved the pictures of last fall. Beautiful!


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