Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alphabitty Moments - W is for....


You know those words your kids mispronounce but you think it's so cute you don't correct them? Those words. And maybe, just maybe you perpetuate it by adopting their way of saying it? We have a few of those special words in our family.

Julia's says Heartbeep  instead of heartbeat. "I can feel your heart beeping Mama!" Too.Cute.

Sam said eCOOmeez instead of excuse me when he burped. He also called vitamins vinnies

What Alphabitty Moment do YOU want to remember this week? Remember in a few weeks we'll be starting over at the beginning of the alphabet so if you've been waiting for a fresh start - that time is almost here!

I'm not sure if I'll start posting Elsa's Alphabitty Moments this next go round or not, but I AM going to be making her a book! In fact, it's going to be her baby book. I'm focusing on moments from her first year and will include all of her weekly photos in it as well.

One thing I highly recommend is making a list so all your ideas are in one place. I keep my lists on my refrigerator and add to it whenever I think of a new word for one of the kids.  It makes a huge difference when Thursday rolls around - especially this week when I'm swamped with birthday party preparations.  We're throwing TWO parties this weekend which means TWO castle birthday cakes need to be baked/decorated, all the games prepped, the house clean, food bought/cooked, and while I'm not making birthday shirts this year, I did make four felt tunics for the knights to wear at Sam's party. They turned out really cute! I see a "how to throw a castle themed birthday party" post in my future!

Sam's photo file - crabapples 2010
Julia's photo file - Julia, baby bump 22 weeks

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  1. I LOVE that picture of Julia.

    We say "ooncaduntly" instead of accidentally. And "eye browns" instead of eyebrows.


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