Monday, September 19, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday - the pink dress edition

Elsa and Mommy Sunday morning after church. September 2011

Julia and Mommy after church. November 2006

Can you tell which baby is the good sleeper?  I can totally see it in my eyes! :)

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  1. She is growing SO FAST. I bet she's out of the newborn diapers you were renting. WOW. Last night we may or may not have let Hannah eat 2 cake pops (have you ever seen them...I LOVE the idea) at a friend's child's birthday party in the hopes that she'll soon hit 18 lbs. You must have some GREAT milk there mama!

  2. I agree with Jenney! She is growing fast! :) I love seeing pictures of my girls in the same dresses as their sisters wore... so precious!

  3. super cute!!! God bless you. :) i've joined mommy and me mondays too!

    see you,

  4. Aww, they're both beautiful like their mom. :)

  5. I love the cute!

    And, it looks like you are enjoying fall there!


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