Friday, September 9, 2011

Elsa at 10 weeks

Double digits already?!? *Sigh* It won't be long before I make the switch to telling people how many months old Elsa is instead of how many weeks.  It also won't be long before she doesn't fit in the basket either. :)

I tried propping her up a bit today and she seemed to like it. She's got good head control except when she doesn't. Freaks me out when all of a sudden her head flops over and hits me in the face. Ouch!

She smiles so easily now and the cooing. Oh the cooing!  Twice this past week she's slept 9 hours in a row. Of course I don't get that much sleep because I stay up 2-3 hours after she goes to bed between 7 and 8, but I'm so happy she's developing good sleep habits so early.

She's really into chewing/sucking on her fists/fingers all of a sudden. It's lovely and allows her to sit for longer stretches without needing me.

She and I did some garage sale-ing yesterday. It was a slower pace than I'm used to, but we found this cute dress she's wearing and some winter clothes. I bought 12 month things even though she won't even be 6 months old when it's time for long sleeves, but as you can tell, she's growing, growing, growing

Growing cuter by the minute too if you ask me!


  1. look at that adorable chubby girl! I LOVE that age. She looks so much like Julia. Are you wondering what her hair will be like? :)


  2. Mama is feeding her well! :-) Give her smooches for me.

  3. She is so lovely. It was awesome seeing you both yesterday. Thanks for saving my bacon with your charger!

  4. oh my oh my oh my....she is absolutely gorgeous!!!! What a little sweetie!!!!


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