Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cue the Twilight Zone Music

We went to a church festival today and while the kids played carnival games in the same gymnasium of PapaBear's childhood I chatted with a woman who came up to say hi to Elsa. In conversation we learned that we lived in the same town. Not that odd since we were only 20 minutes from home at the time. Besides often times people refer to our park as a reference point so even when she said she lived past our park I didn't think much of it. A few minutes later after being introduced to the rest of her family I got to thinking that her youngest son looked familiar, but the kids were almost done with their games and anxious to spend the rest of their tickets and so it was time to part ways. That's when her son said, "Mom, I think that's Sam." Here's the crazy part...her son is on Sam's soccer team! She hasn't been able to attend a game yet because of her other son's schedule and I've only been to one game myself because of our park duties. How funny would it have been when our paths eventually crossed on the soccer sidelines to realize that we should have known each other all along?

Our Twilight Zone day doesn't end there.

Months ago Julia stuck a bunch of her glow in the dark stars to picture frames in her room. Not.Good. but it didn't make sense to remove them and leave the sticky stuff residue behind so we just left the stars. They were placed in the corners of the frames so it didn't really hurt anything anyway. Tonight I happened to be standing in the middle of the room when she turned the lights off and that's when I gasped. There, glowing on her wall was the Big Dipper. Plain as day, except for the fact that it's nighttime and was completely random.

What about you? Any Twilight Zone moments lately?

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