Friday, August 19, 2011

We're smiling today!

We're also celebrating seven weeks since Elsa was born. Overall it's been a smooth ride - some days being easier than others. We're slowly working in the direction of a schedule. I'm not a stickler by any means but I know that a rough schedule will help everyone.  Two nights ago she didn't fall asleep until 10pm and then didn't get any long naps during the day. She was much more crabbier as a result.  Last night I put her to bed at 8pm and she slept all the way through until 3am! I fed her at 6 and again at 7. Then she slept until 9am.  Today has been much better. She's had more stretches where she's content to sit on her own without being held.  I've made some changes to my routine but I'll save that for another post. 

My dearest Elsa,
Your smile melts my heart every time, especially when you smile at your big brother and your big sister.  You love bath time and diaper changes. You are taking a new paci like a champ and in combination with your swaddle blanket and Sleep Sheep are a good sleeper. You like me to stroke your forehead with one finger as you fall asleep. If you are having trouble drifting off I can cradle you in my arms for a minute or two and you drift off.  Yesterday I let you air out your bum at the park (don't worry nobody could see us where we were sitting) and you kicked and kicked your chubby little legs.

Everyone comments on how big you're getting but I know to savor just how little you really are. (0-3 month clothes) I've told myself not to mourn the passing of your newborn stage, but to embrace each new day as a gift. Your blue eyes are my favorite feature of yours, but your soft baby fine hair is a close second. 

A butterfly emerged from its chrysalis today and your siblings brought it over to show you. The look of wonder on your face was priceless!  God created so many wonderful things on this earth for you to learn about. I look forward to seeing His creation with new eyes as you discover the world around you.

You are so so loved!



  1. So beautiful, Carrie! Your daughter AND your letter to her. I'm so glad you are cherishing these precious moments!
    And wow, what a good little sleeper she is! Can Elsa call Azri on the phone and give her some tips??? ;)

  2. So gorgeous! She is simply stunning.

    I am so glad you have a good sleeper! Leo has been a fabulous sleeper since he got his days and nights figured out, I love it!!


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