Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Savoring Summer

School starts in 29 days. Not that I'm counting or anything. We've had a fun and busy summer. I have LOVED not having to work three jobs (four if you count running a household). Most of the pictures I've taken have been with my cell phone and some day I hope to get them posted here on my blog so my kids will have a record of what they did this summer. The list of activities is long and rewarding. Yet I can't help but question whether we did TOO much. Lazy days of summer? I don't think we had very many of those, but then again....I was pretty uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy so we didn't do a whole lot in June. We made up for it in July!

It's been ridiculously hot and humid all of July. I really hope August brings some relief! You know it's bad when you are grateful for a rainy day because it brings the temps down from 103 to 73! There is a threat of more rain today so I think we'll head to the library. It's Julia's special day so we'll have to see what she's in the mood for. Right now they are flying paper airplanes. They are having SO much fun that they haven't even asked for breakfast yet, but I'm hungry and the kids are asking for another airplane.

How can I refuse these faces?


  1. Heavens, they are all so cute. Sam looks so proud in that picture. Happy Special Day Julia!!!

  2. I'm glad they are enjoying the paper plane book. It is surprising what you can find at a garage sale. I never knew you could make so many different kinds of paper planes. Sammy does look so proud on this picture. He really is proud of his little sister. Have a special day JoJo. Love ya, Grandma Rena


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