Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elsa at 1 month

Elsa at 1 month. August 1st, 2011.

I have been doing a terrible job of journaling Elsa's early weeks. Most of the time I get her weekly photo taken but writing my thoughts on her rapid growth, terrible spitting up, and the noises she makes when she eats? I just can't seem to get into a routine that leaves time for reflecing on what it's been like with a newborn in the house. At least I have the photos safe on my phone and computer so I can refer to them and write things out another day.
So why am I blogging today when for the first time in forever it isn't 90+ degrees? Well because we've already gone on a bike ride, baked a pie, cleaned the playroom, and done the laundry so
we're chilling in front of a movie while we wait for Daddy to get home.
That, and I'm hoping someone can offer some insight into Elsa's spitting up. She doesn't cry or appear in distress when she spits up, but there is SO much that comes up that it's disturbing. My other two didn't spit up at all so this is new territory for me. She's growing fine but it can't be OK to spit up everything she just ate!



  1. So cute!! Do you think something you are eating could be bugging her?

  2. What a cutie she is! I wish I could hold her :) Annalise spit up all the time. It didn't matter what I ate, what she ate, when she ate, how I laid her down or how long she sat up after eating or if she burped or not... she just spit up. all the time. she just had to grow out of it. But to this day, she gags easy and had more stomach issues than the other two. :) always make sure to have a change of clothes for her and for you and you'll be fine! :)

  3. all of my babies have been spitter uppers :-( We found that a chiropractor who specialized in children was helpful. But most of all, it just took time.

  4. She is so beautiful!! My son spit up a lot too. It helped to keep him sitting up after eating. Sometimes I felt like maybe he just ate too much and was getting rid of the extra! He too was gaining weight fine so the MD was never concerned. But. I will say. He has suffered with acid reflux now for years. He is 10. I don't know that he had it as a baby because he too never cried or fussed, just spit up. But the poor kid sleeps with a bowl in his bed. It is controlled as long as he doesn't eat anything after 7 or so at night and if he avoids spicy, acidic, fatty things especially. They all will guarantee that he will puke some time in the night. We have tried several antacids and they just don't seem to work. In the meantime, keep an old fashion cloth diaper handy at all times!!

  5. I was going to say the same as Anonymous#1 - try taking her to the chiropractor. Adjustments for babies are very simple and very gentle.
    My other thought is if your letdown is so strong that she's getting more than she needs, so some of it (a lot of it) needs to come back out. I used to say that my babies were fast eaters simply because they had to either swallow or drown. :)

  6. My oldest was a projectile vomiter. sp?
    It got pretty bad and she ended up having a barium study done to make sure she didn't have pyloric stenosis. Look that up and see if maybe she isn't having symptoms. Our daughter didn't have this thankfully but ended up being sensitive to milk. The barium study was quick and pain free.There are some things that help. I would hold her upright after breast feeding her for 15 minutes or longer. Never actually patted her back to get her to burp. Just rubbed her back gently to encourage air out. Elevated the head of her crib. Also, I let down a lot with my feedings. My babies would sometimes have milk coming out of their noses it was so strong. So, I would pull off shortly after starting and pump for a bit and then put her back on. She wouldn't drown that way and less air would be going in. Then when she was 6 months old I switched her to Nutramigen formula. I loved breast feeding but this made a world of a difference. She hardly spit up after this. She also never cried or seemed uncomfortable. She just threw up lots. She was also a good weight (90th percentile or higher at times.) Not sure if this will help. Good luck and enjoy your little sweetheart!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I've been so absent from blogs over the last year+...look what I missed! I knew you were pregnant, of course, but how precious is SHE?!

    Congratulations on your newest blessing!

  8. Hi- I've been a reader for quite awhile, but never commented. But oh how your words brought back memories. My daughter is turning 13 soon, but projectile vomited from the age of 2wks until 3 yrs. all the time. So many great ideas in the previous comments. The nutramigen also helped us. We finally had an endoscopy on our very healthy 95% weight daughter at 14 mos. and found a large hiatal hernia and have since discovered delayed stomach emptying problems. Trust your instincts!! I did the opposite of what dr's told me... often. And so many of the drugs they have now for reflux issues were just coming on the market when she was born. Alot of infants just need help the first year or until walking - when gravity and growth are in their favor. Prayers and best wishes for your beautiful daughter and family!!

  9. Boo spit up a TON, but so far Leo doesn't. With her we simply had to keep her in one position after nursing for about 10 minutes and she wouldn't spit up. But if ou are concerned, talk to the dr, it is never a bad thing to do!

    I just love her adorable-ness!!

  10. I got to spend the morning with our new little Elsa and Sammy and Julia. Sammy is so cute with her. He will snuggle up to her and kiss her so gently. Then he told me she smells good. I asked him what she smells like and he said "peanut butter" I told him that I guessed that was better than smelling like a dirty diaper and he got that cute smile that melts my heart and said "no its like peanut butter." That will be one of my memories that I will tuck away in my heart forever.

  11. So stinking CUTE. I wouldn't worry about the spitting up if she's growing ok...just get some nice thick bibs :o) Thanks for sharing these pictures, I love them!


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