Friday, August 26, 2011

eight weeks

alternately titled: I'm gonna need a bigger basket

I haven't really noticed many changes in Elsa from last week to this week, but there are a few things I want to make sure I make a note of....She's up to 2-3 15 minute stretches of contentment that don't require bouncing, rocking, or singing. We bought a floor gym that she's getting the hang of. Her favorite part of it is looking at her reflection in the mirror.

She smiles the most when she's on the changing table. That's Sam and Julia's favorite place to talk with her since she's at their eye level. 

She spent her first night in the tent this past week. She did great!  She was asleep when I put her on the air mattress and she stayed asleep until 3am. Her siblings on the other hand gave me a run for my money that first hour! ugh. They would not settle down at.all.

She found my hair this week so I've been keeping it pulled back as much as possible. If she doesn't have my hair then she's got a hold of my shirt or my finger. love.

I did some comparing of photos of Elsa and ones of Julia at this same age and was surprised at the differences I saw. I truly thought they looked exactly alike, but in fact they are similar but aren't exact.  Julia had more hair and a fleshier nose. They have the same shaped head though and their lips are the same. Only time will tell if Elsa's eyes will remain dark like her brother's have or if they will lighten like Julia's did.

Tonight is the first time I've worked a Friday night camper check in shift without her. I feel like a part of me is missing even though I'll admit, it is much easier to work with two hands!  You can be sure these hands will be snuggling my we babe just as soon as I get home!!!


  1. What are you feeding that girl? She is growing SO fast!!!! What a cutie. Can you post pics of Julia at that age?

  2. Oh her cheeks!! I just want to kiss them, so perfect and chubby. Love it!!

  3. 8 weeks already?! What a doll she is :) And I think you should keep the same basket and just stuff her in as she grows. That way we can really see the difference. Eventually she will be able to sit up in it on her own.


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