Thursday, April 20, 2006

Public Relations

If you are a business owner and are interested in sponsoring this blog I have a unique opportunity for you!

I want to share only the best with my readers and by reviewing your product before sharing any links my readers can be sure that MamaBear endorsed products really are great!  If after reviewing your product, I find that it is a good fit for my blog I will offer you an ad space on my right side bar for a minimum of six months.  No other costs are associated with sponsoring my blog!

Of course if you want to reach out to my readers and sponsor a giveaway that is a sure way to raise your product's visibility, but it's optional. 

Please contact me at for more details on how we can work together! 

A disclaimer is always added at the bottom of my review posts clarifying who provided the product for review and that all opinions expressed are my own.  I make no guarantee that my review will be positive. That would defeat the purpose now wouldn't it. :)

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