Tuesday, April 18, 2006

meet the bear family

I wrote an update on our family here.

I'm MamaBear to three cubs and wife to my best friend of 12 years.  PapaBear and I have been married for a decade now, but you can read about where it all started - in a different park  - by following this link.  When you visit BearCountry you might find a new recipe, photos of the cubs, or a story I want to record for our family's blog book. I love to share what I'm learning about straw bale gardening, photography, and living in a campground.  Life is busy - but at the end of the day when I tuck my cubs into their beds it is my prayer that they know they are loved by MamaBear, PapaBear, and most importantly their Heavenly Father!

When PapaBear isn't busy working in the woods he's playing 'zoo', 'school', or 'dinosaur' with his cubs. They LOVE to make believe together & learn about all the amazing things God has created at the same time.  I couldn't ask for a better husband!

Our first born, or only son, Sam.  At almost 7 he is full of energy and love for everyone. His passions continue to be Star Wars, dinosaurs, sea life, bugs, & soccer. He learned to tie his shoes recently and loves to snuggle with his baby sister at bedtime.  Now that he can count money he is saving to buy his very own imperial walker.  He is looking forward to his first trip to the Boundary Waters next summer!!

Our 2nd born, our first daughter, Julia.  At almost 5 she is doing her very best at keeping up with her brother.  She is mommy's helper in the kitchen, around the house, and in the garden. She is outgoing and friendly, but doesn't like to draw attention to herself.  She's passionate about drawing, painting, digging worms, and problem solving.  She's not afraid to get dirty or share her last bite of cookie.


Our second daughter, Elsa, was born July 1st during a terrible storm (thank goodness for generators!). When she isn't sleeping or eating (which she does A LOT) our little sweet pea is happiest when her big brother and big sister are making her smile. She's already been camping once since she was born and we're headed north soon for her first full weekend outdoors.

Disclosure: That hats my cubs are wearing were given to me by the uber talented Lindsey of Blue Yodey Boutique. 

Please check out her Facebook page for more great items. You won't be disappointed!!!

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  1. Awww - LOVE how they look on them! I hope they keep their noggins warm this winter!


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