Friday, March 11, 2011

Straw Bale Garden Plans for 2011

I'm not brave enough to start my own seeds...maybe some day...but for now my garden prep involves mapping out where and what I'm going to plant. This is my third year of straw bale gardening and I'm excited to expand it to include some foods grown specifically for BabyBear.

You can read all about our strawbale garden successes and failures by clicking on the tab under my blog header.

I'm very grateful for this blog and the things I've recorded here so I can look back at the things I've learned and not make the same mistakes twice. I started a garden notebook last year and used my blog archives to update my notes last week. I highly recommend this! It's wonderful to be able to look back at the different layouts I've used for planting, what grew well, what I shouldn't bother with, and to record plant dates and harvest dates. What a great resource to pass down to my kids some day!

Thanks to some pictures I took of the garden I'll even be able to purchase the exact same variety of watermelon and pumpkin this year and skip this type of cucumber. (tasty, but way too big!) Ideally I would write down this information in my notebook - something I'll make sure I do when I purchase this year's plants!

Are you planning a garden this year? Are you one of the brave souls who starts their seeds indoors? Do tell!


  1. We started ours indoors last year and it didn't work so well. We're going the already grown route this year! Can't wait for the snow to melt and to get my fingers in that dirt!

  2. First off, you are going to love being a family of five. But your blog name isn't gonna be right anymore (don't change it, it really doesn't matter).

    I love that you've posted and posted. I wrote a post (finally tonight) about why I have been blog absent. So I'm commenting here.

    Love love your pictures.

    My baby name for you is Hope. I call her "Baby Hope" to myself all the time when I think of you. Because she just is such a miracle.

    And we will be starting our seeds inside ASAP :o)

  3. WOW! Thanks for sending me over here!!! Maybe I could do this??

  4. ditto! wow! I think maybe I can do this too. one can hope?

  5. hi again. Yes - I see we are in the same state. I'll have to read more about the straw bale garden. Fortunately I have many bales at my disposal in the hayloft. They're a bit old but probably will still do the trick.


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