Sunday, March 27, 2011

100 days

IF this babe in my belly decides to make her debut on her due date, I have exactly 100 days to go. I just hope I don't get 100 more stretch marks in the meantime! *sigh* Carrying a baby at 34 is not the same as 27 or 29. (Tells self to drink more water) Some weeks go fast, but others like this past week d.r.a.g. by. My SIL is due any day now so that helps pass the time. She doens't know what she's having so the excitement is building every day!

I scored a beautiful glider off of Craigslist this past week so the itch to get the nursery put together is building. There is a LOT of heavy furniture that has to be moved to make the transition from office to nursery and a even more organization of stuff inside that furniture that has to happen before it can be moved. Fun times. I'm waiting to hear back about a dresser that would be perfect, but someone beat me to it. If they don't take it, I will gladly drive around the flood to get it because that's what I'd have to do. I'm still hunting for the perfect 'inspiration piece' to get me started with "decorating". I say decorating loosely because I'm only getting new curtains and a piece of artwork for the wall.

Last week we ventured to Babies R Us because...well just because! We weren't planning to buy anything. I didn't see anything I had to have this early, if at all. We're in a different place this time around. We have the basics covered and with garage sale season only a few weeks away I have no desire to pay full price for anything. It felt good to walk out of there with no regrets - without anything I wish we could get for her.

I'm feeling better now. I've gone 10 days without throwing up! I'm still taking my meds and don't have any plans to stop since every time I do, I get sick. It was the same with my first two pregnancies...why should this one be any different?I tried stopping Unisom & B6 at 36 weeks with Sam and threw up. (I'll only be 26 weeks on Tuesday.)

And only because Julia really wanted to use my get a peek at the belly this week (and the glider and my new maternity pants)

I thanked her for not getting my head in the shot. From her angle all of my chins would have shown. Instead we took a head shot together. Much better!


  1. Seriously, baby #3 is a whole nother ball game. Aside from clothes (because she's a girl, not a boy!) we had everything we ever needed and even got RID of baby stuff that is so unnecessary. We're coming upon a 1st birthday that I have no present for. We went to Toys R Us yesterday and I saw N O T H I N G. So, she is getting a dress I found on sale (but was thinking about returning because she didn't really NEED it) to wear for Easter. And I might get some pretty glass plates I saw on sale at the grocery this past week for her party. We can use them for her party and all spring. If any are not broken when she grows up-she can have them for her first "place"!

    Any subsequent children we may have had better be ready to get the toys my oldest kids have played with and outgrown re-gifted. KIDDING (sorta).

  2. love the belly picture and glad you have not thrown up in 10 days. We are having a garage sale so let me know if there is anything you need at all and I can take some pictures. My parents live in Eden Prairie so you could always stop by there to pick the stuff up :) just a thought.

    Hope time starts to go a little faster!

  3. I love walking through Babies R Us and not buying a thing...I can't wait for Garage Sale Season!! I am literally counting the days.

    So glad you are feeling better!! I wish I was...sigh...

  4. Thanks for the update Carrie! I think of you and all three of your sweet babes often. It is great to see a picture here of your baby belly and your smile!

  5. Amazing what you think you need vs what you really need. Thanks for the update. Glad you are (cross fingers) done puking!!!!

  6. Looking good! Can't wait to meet the new little one! I am glad you are feeling better!

    Abby had a Blast with the kids! She keeps asking to go to Juuuulllle and sammies house!

    Hope to see you at easter!
    talk care!


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