Friday, December 31, 2010

toys today

My mom called to wish us a happy new year. We talked and laughed. It was refreshing. I've missed having her here every day like she was the week before Christmas. Since then it's been so quiet here. You know, as quiet as it can be with a bunch of new Christmas presents to entertain I mean THEM. We are pretty much housebound with the weather and the need to catch up on work that I couldn't do when I was so sick. It's easy to get discouraged. I'm easily distracted and bored. I'm tired all the time because I'm not sleeping well at night. Anyone else deal with waking constantly at night while pregnant? I expect the 2-3 times a night to use the bathroom, but HOURLY waking is killing me! It's been going on for a month. Ugh. See? Easily distracted....I meant to write about the toys the kids are enjoying these days.

I have three words for you.




The boy is in love and I don't think daddy minds showing how it works. We are excited to take it out when the snow is gone so we can fly it out in the open instead of our dining room.

Another favorite?

Bowling ball and pin set.

It's meant for toddlers but with our wide long hallway upstairs we have the perfect bowling alley. Sam keeps score - great for learning addition and the practice writing doesn't hurt either. it's a big hit with everyone.

Nerf guns.

It adds a new element to the "school" game the kids play with daddy. Wait. That doesn't sound good. It really isn't school like so don't worry :)

There is no shortage of imaginative play, good old fashioned art projects, and plenty of sibling squabbles to keep us on our toes.

Plenty to keep them busy until school starts again.


  1. I bet your ceiling has taken a beating from the cool are those things!

    My kids still play with their plastic bowling set, we have a LONG basement. It is perfect for it.

  2. Hey look at me able to log in and comment again. Whew!
    Glad you had a good Christmas...hope you are sleeping SOON!

  3. I haven't stopped by for quite awhile but when I do I find congratulations are in order. I wish you a healthy pregnancy !

    We got my hubby and son Nerf guns for Christmas and they were a huge hit.

    Take Care


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