Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pregnancy - By the numbers

2 - the number of tests I took the day I found out I was pregnant
1 - the number of swear words I said when I saw two lines (the same one I said the first 2 times - Holy _ _ _ _ !)
5 - the number of times I've peed in a cup to date
10 - the day in July my due date was calculated at first
6.5 - the number of weeks I was when I went in for IV's
4 - the number of medications I'm on
2 - the number of medications we've already given up on
23.8 - the number of hours I spend in bed
.001 - the amount of time it takes for me to feel like throwing up just from sitting up
1 - the number of ultrasounds I've had
28 - the number of nightmares I've had
1 - the number of good dreams I've had
20 - the number of hours I spend trying to sleep away the pain
5 - my new July due date making me...
8 - the number of weeks pregnant I am right now (+5 days)
5 - the number of pounds I've lost
219 - the number of days until we meet the one who is worth it all!

I thought a by the numbers post would be a good way of documenting my pregnancy so far. I'm not looking for sympathy - in fact, this pregnancy is easier than my last.


  1. Love the pregnancy by numbers... very cool idea!

  2. You get my sympathy anyway! I'm pretty sure I said that same word at least twice after seeing those two lines!

  3. Oh! You are REALLY sick! I hope it passes soon, I was very sick with my 2nd, but it wasn't as bad with my 1st or 3rd. I really hope you feel better soon!

  4. i had NO idea! congrats to you! and here I thought you were done! you had me fooled! :)

  5. Oh boy! I totally feel for you! I'll be praying that this yuckiness ends soon, and that while it's around you have tons of support from thouse around you. Hang in there, friend :)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How wonderful that your family will be growing! Hoping you feel much better soon. :)

  7. Congratulations!!! Very exciting!

  8. oh wow! what a pregnancy you've had so far! yes... worth it all. hugs!

  9. Ohh!! Congratulations!! So, so happy for you!

  10. I'm glad you can see that it will be "worth it all". Sending feeling well vibes you way from Japan!

  11. I think doing it by the numbers is a great idea!! I hope you get past the icky feeling stage soon!!

  12. Congratulations! I was laughing when read "10" because July 10th is when I'm due with our first! I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers, especially since we are roughly on the same time line. :-D

  13. Catching up on my blog reading and was surprised to see this! Yay! Congratulations!

  14. Um, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I had to check to see that I had the correct blog for a minute there! Hang in there - I pray you get to feeling better SOON!!! I know that feeling all too well as the Holy Moly feeling at seeing two lines!! :-)

  15. I feel your pain, friend. I was SO sick with all the kids, even had a PICC line with Ethan. Hope you're feeling better--praying for you and sweet babe!

  16. Your last pregnancy was worse than this? You get my sympathy, asked for or not. I hope the whole time does not go like this.

  17. ok so why are you so sick or what is going on? I always lost weight with both my girls.. I had horrible issues with them both but was never stuck in bed, i can not imagine!1 I hope you start feeling better so you can enjoy this pregnancy of yours!!


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