Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alphabitty moments - The letter O

Welcome to Alphabitty Moments where we stop and remember the little things of childhood! These are not the milestones or the well documented events like holidays or birthdays, but the every day things, events, and emotions that might be forgotten as our kid's interests and abilities develop.

This week 'O' is for "Old McDonalds", the name my kids gave McDonald's long ago. I suppose some day I should correct them but for now it's Old McDonalds to us! I took these pictures at a McDonald's an hour from home.

Our local McDonalds doesn't have these fun chairs or the yummy chocolate ice cream, but I snapped these as a reminder of Sam's favorite food there - "douvle hamburger" and ice cream!

What's your Alphabitty Moment for this week?

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