Friday, August 27, 2010

Help Yourself

Whenever the kids ask for a snack when it's only been an hour since the last time they ate I calmly say, "Sure. There are carrots in the refrigerator. Help yourself." It's a win-win. If they are truly hungry and not just bored as is usually the case, they will get that snack they asked for - in the form of something healthy. If they are only asking because they are bored, the option of carrots usual stops the repeated requests.

One of my children takes me up on my offer almost every time. This particular time she helped herself to the whole bag.

I've been thinking a lot about kid's meals lately because Sam starts kindergarden on Tuesday and will be taking his lunch to school every day. I ordered a lunch box and a 4 pack of containers from Easy Lunch Boxes and will be sending our freshly homemade applesauce, a veggie of some sort, and a protein and grain with five.days.a.week. He is my picky eater and I thought it would be helpful to hear what things work in your lunch know, besides carrots :)


  1. I was JUST thinking of doing a post on Boo's lunches. She does lunches from home 90% of the time, very rarely does she get school lunches.

    We do raisins and pretty much any fruit. We got her a thermos this year, so she can have soup come winter time and hotdish (her FAVORITE food group) when it is cooler out.

    I also got her a waterbottle, since milk in large amounts isn't *supposedly* good for their teeth. Girl has enough going against her teeth wise lol! .

    I have done wraps for her before too, and they have been a HUGE hit with her. Meat, cheese and lettuce wrap it up and the girl is in heaven.

    Yeah...I could go on and on!

  2. I was faced with this same challenge last year when we put two of our into school for the first time. Neither boy likes to eat sandwiches, so we had to get creative. Target sells these great little thermoses for soup ... so soup became a regualr thing they took. But then thry realized they could keep other items warn in their thermoses too. Like Scrambles eggs and bacon, like a baked potatoe with cheese and brocoli and ham, like leftover steak cut up or even hot dogs! I always try to include a fruit and a veggie in thier lunches too. But purchasing those thermoses has really helped!

    Enjoy the school year!
    You know, I just found a check I wrote to you a loooong time ago (can you see me blushing in shame?) Need to get that in the mail to you... sorry

  3. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  4. First of all THANK YOU...I was so surprised and blessed when I walked to my mail box! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Do I owe you a book by the way? It seems like there was one you wanted to borrow...let me know.

    As a former public school teacher may I just say GO YOU! for not letting him eat school lunches...they are nutritionally void and gross.

    Very sad. Anyway, lots of the kids will be eating things like "lunchables" which you can do healthy alternatives to with whole grain wheat crackers and real (not oil all packaged to look like) cheese.

    I know you guys don't drink milk that much, and I doubt you fill them with juice, but water is always great. Celery with peanut butter or cream cheese is one of James' sodium rice cakes have become a staple for Jack, seems how he doesn't eat gluten.
    Quinoa that has a little butter, cumin, salt, and garlic is good even cold.

    I'm out. Let me know what else you think of!

  5. Great post. My son is P.I.C.K.Y. He dislikes veggies and fruit. Which makes nutrition a nightmare for me. So, in his lunch you will apple or banana, crackers, cheese, and ham or turkey with milk in his thermos (I had no idea milk is bad?).

    Thank the Lord he is at a charter school and they offer some organic choices, lean meats (mostly turkey), and well rounded meals. He will eat these meals more days then not.

    I do love the idea of soups in a thermos. I may adopt that idea.

    So, thank you. Thank you for this post and the ideas that came with it.


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