Friday, June 11, 2010

The wheels on this bus

have been going round and round for 4 years. The bus Sam is on is the same one in one of the original Alphabitty Moments posts. He received it as a gift from Grandma and Grandpa on his first birthday.
Somehow he's able to contort himself in a way that he flies on that thing. It's loud and obnoxious but I don't care - he grins from ear to ear and who am I to mess with that?

Yesterday we ended up riding over to the deck next off of the barn so the kids could ride. A little change of scenery is always a good thing. The fresh air was good for us too after being lazy bums all morning. I'd worked a 15 hour day the day before and was due for a nap. Of course I didn't get one and ended up being more tired than before I tried to lay down. Now I remember why I shouldn't bother trying to nap. When will I learn?

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