Friday, June 4, 2010

What day is it again?

It's been a LONG day and I don't have any pictures to share tonight. I'm even questioning the point of posting since I can't even remember what day it is let alone what I did yesterday. For the sake of our 'how I spent my summer vacation' series I'll do my best.

Let's the morning Grandma brought catapillers so the kids could watch them turn into butterflies. It's one of those reliable kits so we should get some results. The kids were over the moon about being able to watch them turn into butterflies.

I went with my SIL to pick up bridesmaid dresses for her upcoming wedding. They are stunning in every way...color, style, material. I L.O.V.E them. It also helps that I can wear shoes I already had in my closet and I don't need to hem the dress. So what if the shoes are 11 years old! They are silver and were only worn once for a wedding.

The kids went to a library program in the morning and then I took them outside after naps to look for bugs. This is turning out to be the summer of bugs in case you hadn't notice that trend. :) Who knew that dragon flies could fly THAT fast? We did end up with a couple of moths and little flies eventually.

We ate my favorite meal on our wrap around porch. (couscous with green pepper & chicken kabobs) Then we read bedtime stories in the hammock. Sam chose Swimming with Sea Monsters and Julia chose a book about Owls. Both are adult books but they LOVE the photos and learning about whatever they happened to be interested in that week.

I tried an earlier bedtime in hopes that they would get all their coming-out-of-their-rooms out of their system BEFORE 9pm. I was worried that it would prolong bedtime but it didn't have that effect. The last couple of days I've been exercising when I get up in the morning which is really nice come evening when I want to get some blog book and/or photography work done before I collapse into bed. All this fresh air is wiping me out! Wish it would help my kids sleep past 6am though!

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  1. Hey girl! Was great catching up this weekend. I (kinda) have a pic of you on my blog... its funny, because you are almost completely covered yet someone recognized you! You are FAMOUS! :)

    Loving your beautiful blog and kids...



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