Friday, June 18, 2010

Weeping Willows

They may be called weeping willows but I assure you there was no weeping going on under our willows yesterday. Quite the contrary....swinging from the branches produced HUGE grins

and perfect light gave me a reason to smile as well.

Maybe my favorite picture of Julia ever?

The wind blew in a pretty bad storm to the area but thankfully we only had some rain and wind. The upside was that I cleaned up the garage enough so we could get the vehicles parked inside in case of hail.

Yesterday was our last day home sans PapaBear. He's been up north with high school friends all week so I've been on my own. Parenting on my own was the easy part. I didn't plan to make the routine changes but I'm so glad I did - we skipped naps and played hard all day, stayed up almost 2 hours later than usual and then in the morning they slept in like they've never done before. Most mornings I didn't get out of bed until 9! We even adjusted our meal times since breakfast was two hours later than usual. Lunch became 2pm and dinner 6pm.

I missed PapaBear terribly and am so glad he's HOME now. Speaking of which, the office is closing now so I'm headed home to see my man.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Woo-hoo!! So very glad your man is home now! Enjoy your weekend together showering love on the PapaBear!
    Oh, and that picture of sisterbear? OUTOFTHISWORLD!!!!

  2. Great picture of a beautiful girl! I need to get some new pictures of all of my kids!

  3. You take such beautiful pictures. I'm sure it's easy with your great subjects!

  4. that picture of julia is fabulous!! I love it!


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