Thursday, June 3, 2010

stand tall

I handed the phone to PapaBear and asked him to take a picture of the kids and I.
I didn't know he was snapping away as I corralled the kiddos into the frame.

Two things stood out to me when I looked at the results. The first being, if I'm in the picture it's because I handed over my camera and asked someone to take a posed picture of me with the kids.

And two, I rarely, if ever, stand for a photograph with Sam and Julia. You know what I mean crouch down to wrap your arms around your child(ren) and try to get a good one of everyone looking at the camera.

How cute are they with their bug nets smiling for Daddy and looking so tall next to me!

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  1. You guys look super cute...and I love that he took the pictures of the whole process happening.

    And, PS looking super cute in your tube top:)

  2. Really cute picture...looks like they were having a good ol' time as well!


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