Saturday, June 12, 2010

putting the pieces together

Julia spent her first night in her big girl bed last night. PapaBear took the crib down before I got home and I put the new one together before rest time. Oh my was that harder than I thought it would be emotionally!

She was so excited about her new quilt that I think the bed itself was secondary. I picked up this Pottery Barn Kids quilt with matching pillow shams for $15 at a garage sale in April. Little did I know how much she would love gardening and bugs! I'm excited to find some coordinating curtains, a headboard, some artwork, and to hang the purple canopy netting I bought last year. Somehow her room is the one that is always the most put together of all our rooms.

We've had cribs in our house for almost 6 years. It's going to be strange to be without them from now on.

My big girl looks so little in that big bed! While I mourn the end of an era I am filled up by the joy from watching my kids develop right before my eyes.

Julia took an interest in puzzles this week and surpised us all by putting four of them together all by herself.

I loved puzzles as a kid and even though we don't have a lot of time for them right now, PapaBear and I are working on a thousand piece photomosaic puzzle.

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  1. Oh dear, I am so welling up with tears because I know what it was like to get rid of our crib(s) - yes we had two! Sigh, the grieving of our childbearing time (or opportunity) is a rough road.


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