Saturday, June 19, 2010

Laughing at the Library

We walked into our local library just in time for Bill the Juggler's opening tricks. The kids sat down, Bill asked for a volunteer, both my kids raised their hands. Julia didn't have a clue why her hand was in the air. Then when Bill chose her, she got really really shy and that was the end of her volunteering. Oh well. Next time.

Once they settled in the kids laughed non-stop. See them there in the middle in the pink and blue? I loved hearing their giggles over the rest of the kids. Pure Joy.

After the program we came home to finish picking up the house before Daddy returned from his camping trip. It didn't take long with my little helpers by my side. Then we went out to play in the kiddie pool and read stories in the hammocks. I thought Julia was going to fall asleep in hers. We discovered that there's more room in Sam's hammock for all three of us and spent the next hour reading. Daddy arrived home to whoops and hollers (and some barking). We were so happy to see him!!!! Unfortunately it was off to the campground office for me a few minutes later but after work we were able to enjoy some time out on our porch - filling each other in on what we'd been up to all week. Good thing I've been writing every day so I could remember!

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