Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i like mondays

They are the quietest day in the park.
They give me five whole days to get some work done before the weekend.
Since it's summer they mean we don't have to rush off to school.
Sam will be in school five days a week in the Fall so it's important to me that we make the most of our days together this summer.

What does 'making the most of summer' mean?


Freedom to stay in PJ's all day if we want
Freedom to run errands all day long
Freedom to go to playgroup or to stay home if we aren't up for the drive
Freedom to have pancakes for lunch and popcorn for dinner
Freedom to paint for hours
Freedom to watch tv for hours
Freedom to eat ice cream every day if we want
Freedom to take 2 baths a day
Freedom to stay outside even after the rain starts to fall, but I'm getting ahead of myself on that'll have to wait for Tuesday's installment of how I spent my summer vacation for that one!

What does making the most of summer vacation mean to you?

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I love staying in pj's until I feel like getting out of them =) And more than 1 bath a day, that's pretty awesome too! Just having nothing to do, playing, park, swimming, doing whatever, whenever, no schedule...I love summer too!!


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