Monday, June 28, 2010

The fanciest day of our summer vacation

Hope you aren't sick of wedding pictures yet! I wanted to share this particular one from my cell phone taken at the tail end of the reception on Friday night. It's Mommy and Me Monday after all....

Julia slept for the last 2 hours of the reception in the corner BEHIND where the speakers were blaring in hopes that she wouldn't be bothered by the noise. It worked because she didn't wake up when I picked her up and moved her to the car. When we realized that we couldn't buckle her seat belt with her dress on we had to wake her and it went down hill from there. Thankfully we live three miles from the reception location and were home in no time.

I was sad to take off the beautiful bridesmaid dress that Sharon picked out and even sadder to take Julia out of hers. We NEVER get that dressed up and it was fun to be girly girls for the day. I even had fingernail polish on albeit, clear. Baby steps people!

I wrote this post before I realized that the theme this week is suppose to be promoting sun protection - which we do - in this case by staying inside :) If you are looking for a great sunbonnet for your little one - I highly recommend the Urban Baby Bonnet that Julia is wearing in this post (with the brim folded back)

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?


  1. You ladies look beautiful!

    And, yes, staying inside is totally good sun protection:)

  2. The dresses are beautiful! I so love the color on you! Julia looks so sweet!

  3. Beautiful shot of the both of you. So sweet.

  4. This is the sweetest picture of the bunch. :)

  5. i love the style of your dress and Julia is just a darling in her dress

    here's my entry:

  6. That is definitely a framer!!! Absolutely precious, both of you =)

    I have an award for you!!!

  7. I know i met you just on the photowalk but you and your daughter are beautiful

  8. Precious. You two look like princesses!

  9. Look very beautiful, I have give you blog award :-)
    have a nice day,


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