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Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to maintain a straw bale garden

I am a newbie in the gardening world. Four summer's ago I tried container gardening with our first born and like I said back then, I didn't grow much, I just killed them really slowly. I've learned from my mistakes that plants need to be fed multiple times during the growing season. Last year I added fertilizer every couple of weeks.

This year I plan to fertilize my straw bale garden every week to try to avoid the blossom end rot (sign of calcium deficiency by the way - add bone meal) and to encourage my plants to GROW GROW GROW. They are all natural fertilizers and I don't use very much of them at a time. Not a full meal...just a snack....sprinkled carefully around the base of the plant like this:


  1. Thanks for the garden tour yesterday, and the relaxing visit! The hammock time was lovely.

  2. I'm in envy of your success. I've had to replant a couple of times as my plants keep dying. I've just tried putting mulch on it to keep it from overheating in the sun. Do you have any suggestions?