Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alphabitty Moments - the letter B

There were so many options for the letter B this week. But I decided that BUILDING was the best fit for Sam's Alphabitty Moment. Why? Because for years he's been building with something or another. I don't think he's going to outgrow it anytime soon, but it's been a big part of his playtime for a while now. I also want to be more intentional about the photos I use this time around. (Often times I just use something from my archives)

He builds with childhood toys of mine and some of PapaBears. He also has a set of alphabet blocks that have provided hours and hours of fun. He also gravitates towards the building activities when we go to the local museums.

I love watching his creativity come out in what he builds. And the look on his face when he makes a tower with all the blocks? Priceless!

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Now it's your turn...what B moment do you want to remember this week?


  1. Maybe Sammy takes after his grandpa and will be a carpenter some day. I can remember when he would build the tall towers and the giggle when he knocked them down.
    love ya, Grandma Rena

  2. LOVE it!!!! Thank you for sharing! I especially love the photo on the left, on the same page as the words! Such a smile!!


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