Friday, April 23, 2010

What's doin' the bloomin'?

We have a book by that name that we purchased back when we were park rangers for the National Park Service. We like to pull it out every Spring to learn a new plant or two. Just think - if you did that ever single year, how many you'd know without a whole lot of effort!

I love exploring in the woods with the kids and being able to name the plants for the kids. We record new things in our Nature 365 Journal and track the changing seasons. There's no doubt that Spring 2010 is warmer than average and the result is earlier blooms. Normally I don't take portraits of the kids by the crab apples until later in May like last year and the year before that.

This evening we armed ourselves with some bribes new garage sale toys, carob chips (healthier than chocolate chips) and a few outfits and headed off to see what was doin' the bloomin'....

Funny thing is, as pretty as the scenery was, I couldn't take my eyes off these two cuties!


  1. So cute! Our lilacs are just about to show their powdery purple faces too (o:

  2. Another beautiful photo shoot as usual! I only wish my lilacs looked like that. Glad you are enjoying the outdoors.


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