Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rainbow Train

Friends from church gave us a set of Tupperwear stencils. I had some as a kid and loved them. Now my kids have had the pleasure of creating masterpieces with a set of their own.

They come in a great carrying case that holds crayons too.

Julia likes LOTS of color in her pictures. Lots and lots of it. One day this past winter (1/18/10) I sat and watched her while she worked on a picture.

She asked me to make her a train from the stencils, but after that she took over.

I watched as she worked...

Noticing the way she concentrates, how serious she takes it, how she only has one finger dimple left...

how her curls have a mind of their own - even when her hair is in braids....

How she is rarely without a 'baby'. This time it happens to be pound puppy watching...

How different she is from her brother when it comes to fine motor skills...

wondering how she decides which colors to use...

Wondering what she thinks when she sees the finished result...

wondering what other creations our creative daughter will come up with in the years to come...

but for now, cherishing the memento of the rainbow train and an afternoon spent with my daughter.

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  1. We have those Tupperware stencils too. They were mine as a kid. They are hands-down the best stencils ever.

    Love her train.

  2. Those are the sweetest pictures. Having children makes you wonder a lot, doesn't it? Amazing to think of what's to come in future years!

  3. i loved those things as a kid, can you buy them anywhere now?

  4. I LOVE this post! I wonder things like that as well when my girls are working hard on a project. so precious. and, I had those when I was little too! hmmm... might have to find some!

  5. Oh her sweet chubby hands just got me! I loved the way you captured this moment with your camera. Thank you for joining Momentous Monday!

  6. Those tupperware stencils are wonderful. I will see if I can find them somewhere - what a great idea! Your daughter did a great job coloring the train!

  7. Tupperware stencils! I had those when I was a kid! How fun!

  8. I stopped by for MM and I have to tell you... Your header picture made me laugh-cry. I LOVE it!! Warms this mommy's heart. I hope it's an enlarged framed centerpiece in your home! :o)

  9. Such cute pictures! Lots of fun with the stencils. Each moment we spend with our kids is momentous.

    Have a good week.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  10. Oh yes, a moment cherished for sure. I am going to have to go and look at my kids hands to see if they have any dimples left.

    Kind of a bittersweet post. So sweet that she's getting bigger and yet sad that she's not a baby anymore.



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