Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alphabitty Moments - The letter X

We have lots of maps in our house. I'm a geography major after all. ( Just don't ask me to navigate using any of them!) They are of South American countries, the Inca Trail, National Parks, and of the Boundary Waters. They are stored in large pottery jars that flank our fireplace.

The kids love to pull them out and look at all the places that PapaBear and I have traveled over the years. They also love to sword fight with them, use them as guns, and use them as walking sticks - all activities that we discourage of course. least they are using their imaginations right? Some day our maps won't be torn and crumpled because of their childhood games. So I am trying to let up a little and let them use the maps more.

One of our favorite ways lately is to read the names of the lakes out loud. Kiwishiwi River? That names begs to be changed to Kawishi-wishi-wishy-washy. Makes them giggle every time. And that friends, hits the spot!

In the case of Julia's Alphabitty Moment's X marks the spot.

Now it's your turn! What X word do YOU want to remember about your children? Don't want to jump on board at the end of the alphabet? That's OK too - we'll be starting back at the beginning of the alphabet real soon!

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  1. My son loves maps! X marks the spot is perfect! i think it is so cool that you run a campground. We are big campers and are always looking for a fun spot. your campground sounds awesome.

    I love the pictures in your post too, very nice.


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