Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{not that kind of} March Madness

* This was the first March in BearCountry history that it didn't snow. We're known for our March snowstorms (you can experience a record breaker here) and even a few April ones.

* Almost all of our snow cover melted in a single week.

* Instead of heading upstairs to finish getting ready for bed at 7 o'clock Julia and I took a walk on the boardwalk. She's never been one to walk very far without wanting to be carried. She's proved this month that she's a changed girl. Did I mention she already had her PJ's on?

* I completed the biggest blog book project that I've ever worked on. 440 pages but less than 150 photographs. It took me months to complete because the blog wasn't compatible with Booksmart.

* I haven't recognized anyone on the cover of magazines in the check out line in lately as a result of not having regular TV for almost a year.

* Sam has taken to falling asleep on his floor instead of his bed. His head ends up right by his door so we can barely reach in to turn the light off.

* I dressed my kids in matching shirts on St. Patrick's Day

Any March madness in your life you want to share?

1 comment:

  1. Guess what? Due to the snowless March...I won the bet. I now have one entire day to do just as I please!

    Yeah March!


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